Our devotion and hard work ensures that you receive the highest quality service

When it comes to landscape maintenance, whether it’s grass, plants, turf installation, or anything else. The most crucial element of the procedure is ongoing care.

We understand that this is a significant financial commitment on your behalf, and that there are a variety of challenges that come with maintaining any property. As a result, we personalize each landscape to meet your specific needs and budget.

We specialize in these services for your landscape:

If you are interested, or you need any of the services we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us, our team are dependable, professionals and efficient experts. For a free estimate, please call us

Lawn mowing and maintenance

Our team has been trained and has extensive expertise in cutting all types of grass to the right height and in a safe and efficient manner. Furthermore, our professionals have received training on how to use their equipment safely, lowering the risk of an accident on your property

Our fully insured and competent crew will mow and trim your lawn, clear any hard surfaces, and give you a snapshot of your newly manicured lawn. A lawn that was mowed often resulted in thick, lush grass in your yard. Make sure you have a regular lawn mow if you want your grass to feel nice between your toes throughout summer!


Mulching is a low-cost, high-impact garden care approach that helps to keep important moisture and nutrients in the soil while maintaining the ideal temperature for optimum development. Our skilled mulching service offers complete end-to-end support. This means we can assist you with any aspect of the mulching process. We collect the green waste, process it via an industrial wood chipper, and apply it to your garden in a uniform and clean manner.

Grass planting

Planting grass seed is a cost-effective and enjoyable method to increase the amount of green space surrounding your house or to improve an existing lawn.

Having the yard of your dreams requires seeding your lawn. Expert power lawn seeding services from JVR MULTISERVICES can give you the lush green grass you’ve always wanted. We’ll make sure your lawn is seeded properly so you can have the lush, full grass you’ve always desired.

Tree trimming

Tree trimming and pruning are critical for keeping your tree’s health, fostering development, and retaining its natural appearance; nevertheless, doing it if you’re untrained may end in an incorrect cut, causing catastrophic damage to your prized green asset.

Tree Pruning

Pruning trees is best done in the late fall and early spring.

In addition, dormant pruning in the late autumn or winter saves time and money by aiding with disease management.

Pruning services given by skilled arborists help to preserve your trees’ structural integrity, shape, health, and beauty.

Pruning your trees is essential for a number of reasons, including yard safety.

Trees may produce a huge number of dead branches if they are not pruned on a regular basis. This raises concerns about the safety of people, power lines, and other structures, which may be damaged by falling branches. Aside from improving safety, regular tree maintenance provides a slew of other advantages.

Our devotion and hard work ensures that you receive the highest quality service, the highest standards of workmanship, and unmatched customer service at the best possible price.

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